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Welcome To Small World Christian School


Founded in 1964 by Ray and Elsie Holton, Small World Christian School has been offering quality Christian education to Modesto families for over 44 years. Our goal is to prepare young children for academic, social and spiritual success by providing them with the tools that they will need for a well-rounded life and to achieve a personal, loving relationship with God. 

Developmentally-appropriate curriculum and personalized activities are implemented in the classroom, and a variety of teaching techniques reflect our belief that every child learns in her or his own individual way. 

Some of our methods include self-discovery, small group activities, large group experiences, literacy and mathematical explorations, art projects, learning centers and dramatic play. Weekly Christian Connections are held to foster a love for our Lord.

Call or email us for a school tour, we are confident you will fall in love with our school.  


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